November 11, 2013

Our Mobile Baby: 13.5 Months

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness by those who are trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

Does this verse even need to be studied more? In short: it hurts now so, so badly, but by God's grace, good will come from it! How quickly we forget. How blind I become during the hard times, I hardly see God's love at first. But He disciplines for our GOOD!

Matthew Henry commentary and my added comments: Afflictions are not at all pleasant to us physically, we moan, groan and complain of them, we are grieved by them. But having faith, those sense are corrected. We are sanctified in Christ, so we are keeping in mind the fruits of righteousness, fruits that are peaceable, quieting and comforting to the soul. Affliction produces PEACE! The pain of the body produces peace of mind, short present affliction produces blessed fruits of a long continuance - So I have no reason to fret or faint, my greatest concern is instead that the discipline I am under may be endured by my patience. The apostle's main drift in this verse is that we endure with patience.

Goodness. Patience is one of those things, isn't it? It's so easy to tell someone, "be patient!" "just a little longer!" "you can do it!" "hang in there!" but when it's my turn to be the patient one? God, I'm relying on You. 100%. I can't do "patience" on my own. It's impossible. Be patient? Me? Only through Christ - His timeline is better than mine, anyway.


Santiago James is almost 14 months old. I want to share his haircut with you, his now walking-skills with you, and, well, his all-around cuteness. Let's not waste time. Go!

I no longer am able to take photos of him without giving him props. These props include, but are not limited to, pieces of fruit, the camera's lens cover, lids, stimulating toys he hasn't seen in a while, or (dun dun dunnnnn...) cell phones. This is why I 1) don't take as many pictures (boo) and 2) my pictures are coming out blurry. He moves so, so much. What's an amateur mama photographer to do? Take classes, read, and stop complaining. To "not take as many pictures" is a bad, bad choice. This is his life that is passing us by every minute! Photos are a must. So, learning I am. and the camera is coming out of its bag more often.

He makes pulling up onto things in order to walk look like it's the easiest task on earth. Non-mobile babies, he says, you don't know what you're missing out on!

Before his haircut. Oh man. long hair every where!

We love him. He sometimes acts like he feels the same about us.

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