November 19, 2013

Toddler Photography Challenges

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight your feet's paths, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather healed. Hebrews 12:12-13

I really like this verse. Quickly translated I see it as, "perk up, Eeyore". Really, though. This world is dark enough, let's be lights!

M. Henry's commentary and my added notes: Affliction can so easily make me drop my hands, feel weak in the knees, discouraged and darken my spirit, but I must strive against these things. I must strive so that I can run my spiritual race and course. Faith in Christ will make me walk more steadily, faith encourages me to encourage and lift up the spirits of others who are on the same chastening path as I. Many are on their way to heaven, but their afflictions weigh them down and result in them discouraging others. We must not hinder one another but take courage, act by faith, help one another forward toward heaven.

Really, though. So many of us Christians are so dang pessimistic and gloomy. We have HOPE IN JESUS! Our pain and suffering is for such a short time, we have an amazing place waiting for us with our loving, compassionate Savior soon to be by our side for all eternity! May our life's testimonies shine bright before the men and women who don't know Jesus. It's so, so much easier to go through the hard patches with Christ. I can't even begin to imagine how people suffer without Christ as the center of their lives. I'd give up. Instantly. Can't do it. It's all about Jesus, and only because of Jesus, and only possible because Jesus lives.


It used to be so simple to take a photo of our baby boy. I would lie him down, prepare the camera for action, and proceed. Once he was able to sit on his own, I would sit him up, prepare the camera for action, and again proceed. Then he started crawling, and I could somewhat prepare the camera and proceed to take a few good snapshots. Now he is crawling, walking, grabbing and everywhere - which causes the following.

I've mentioned before how I am at a loss, and I have ended up handing him some sort of distracting, fascinating object so I can take a decent photo of him. When I don't use these magical props, I end up with a lot of blurry, but goofy photos. Goofy because I am having to distract or entertain him momentarily by shouting weird things, "OH NO!" "Bum bummm booooo!" etc, or, in this case, blowing on his face and expecting amazing results.

It was short lived. Again he decided that an object full of dozens of small buttons, that comes with a clicky sound and an auto-focus bright light with each clicky sound - was a billion times more interesting and enticing than me blowing on his face. 

So this post exists for the sole purpose of expressing this new challenge in life: The challenge of toddler photography. I hope to look back on this day sometime and say, "oh man! wasn't that a real doozy... I'm so glad I am a professional now and Santiago's photos are crisper than an apple!" One can only hope (and take classes, and learn from mistakes, and read other peoples' blogs with high hopes to obtain good tips.)


  1. Share those tips! The pictures are beautiful!! Santi is one gorgeous boy :)

  2. When you're as cute as Santi is, you really can't take a bad photo.