About Me

Hola! My name is Nicole! I love exercising with my hubby (Eduardo, love of my life, best friend, running buddy, coach, taste-tester, sweet blessing from God!), being creative in a beautiful plant-based kitchen, and trying to live a life for CHRIST. He's my Light, my Guide, and my Motivation.

Guanajuato, Mexico. Most beautiful place I've ever been.

I’m a 23 year old girl who used to love Dairy Queen Blizzards and a double order of Taco Bell tacos; I didn’t exercise, didn’t care to, and ate all the junk food my little heart desired.  What changed that? My wonderful, beautiful, marvelous husband, a blessing from God. And the movie Supersize Me, of course!  I stopped eating fast food in 2006, started doing yoga in 2007, and, being motivated by my wonderful husband, began running on February 9, 2009  --- running my first 5k four days later (it seemed impossible!)

My first 5K - February 2009
It’s been a long, amazing, journey, and now I’m here to share my faith in Jesus Christ, my love for running and plant-based cooking with everyone ~ in the hopes of inspiring and motivating at least 1 person in this fast food nation.

You can read about my switch from eating-animals to eating all-plants (in other words, going vegan) on this post, "No Meat Athlete"

I love making art. Almost as much as I love food